Gulf Coast Businesses: File Your BP Oil Spill Claims Today and Get the Compensation You Deserve

April 20, 2010 is a day that everyone along the Gulf Coast will remember for many years to come. It was the day that the Deepwater Horizon oilrig exploded, resulting in the largest marine oil spill in history. Almost 5 million barrels of oil leaked into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, harming the ecosystem, the economy, and thousands of businesses and livelihoods along the coasts of Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida.

The financial effects of the oil spill disaster have been staggering, and litigation following the tragedy has found that the behemoth oil and gas company BP is responsible for the serious monetary ramifications of the accident, including property damages and business losses.

A Gulf Coast oil spill attorney can help you recover damages

At Brandner Law Firm, we help businesses located from Texas to Key West, Florida, understand, prepare, and process their BP oil spill claims. Contact us today to get your legal questions answered:

  • Is my business eligible for a BP oil spill claim?
  • What are zones and how can they affect my oil spill claim?
  • Can I file an oil spill claim if I am a charter fisherman?
  • Can I file an oil spill claim if I’m a fisherman, oysterman, crabber, or shrimper?
  • Can I file a claim if my business was harmed by a drop in tourism?
  • How long will it take to process my BP oil spill claim?
  • Is it too late to file a BP oil spill claim?
  • Do I need a lawyer to file a Gulf Coast oil spill claim?

Why could Brandner Law Firm be the right choice for your business?

Over the last two years, we have developed a system designed to analyze and process your claim in the fastest and most accurate way possible. Our experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate attorneys are extremely familiar with the oil spill, the litigation that followed, and with the settlement procedures that resulted from the litigation.

We know the common mistakes businesses make when qualifying for settlement proceeds. We know the best strategies for recovering exactly what you deserve in the wake of the spill. Most importantly, we know how to take away the worry, stress, frustration, and confusion you might be feeling as your business struggles to find justice after the disaster.

The best time to act on your BP oil spill claim is now. 

One of the most common questions we field is whether or not it is too late to file an oil spill business claim. The answer is that it’s absolutely not too late to file, but that you should file as soon as possible! The longer you wait, the more difficult it is to find information proving your business losses and their relation to the spill—and the longer you wait, the longer your business will struggle without the influx of money you deserve.

How do you get started? Give us a call at 866.207.5437. Make an appointment with one of our BP oil spill lawyers to talk about your claim. We’ll help you collect the documentation you need and determine your eligibility—and we help businesses located from Texas and Louisiana to Mississippi and the western coast of Florida. Stop wondering whether you have a valid oil spill claim. Contact us to file and find out today.

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