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Fighting for Louisiana Justice – The Brandner Law Firm Blog

BP Facing up to $18 Million in Fines for Negligence in Gulf Spill

Four years after the horrendous environmental disaster that was the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion that rocked the waters of the Gulf Coast, BP is claiming that, despite their involvement, the blame should be placed on...Read More

Bond Set at $100k in Baton Rouge Elder Abuse Case

A judge has ordered bond to be set at $100,000 for two women accused of neglecting an aging relative to the point of death. Joleslie Looney, 53, and Lauren Looney, 17, were arrested earlier this month after authorities...Read More

Insights Regarding Maritime Accidents

I understand what it feels like to simply want to care for your family, working in a job you love. I love my career field, and there are times when I appreciate the perks to my job. There are also times when I understand the...Read More

Traumatic Brain Injuries In Sports

Sports-related brain injuries can and do present serious risks to athletes of all ages. In recent years, more attention has been paid to traumatic brain injury (TBI) and its effects on football players, in particular, because...Read More

Maritime Accidents In The Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico is often affectionately called the Third Coast, and is home to diverse and colorful cultures along its humid coastline. Various wildlife and ocean dwelling creatures lay claim to the lush abundance of vegetation...Read More

Helpful Advice if You’ve Experienced the Wrongful Death of a Loved One

Even though death is a part of life, I have to admit, I never get used to it. When a loved one in my family passes away, I mourn their absence from my life, probably as much as you do your deceased loved ones. I'm learning...Read More

How to Deal with Insurance Companies after a Vehicle Accident

Vehicle accidents are tragedies whenever they occur, even if the injuries of those involved are minimal. Many times, the injuries are more extensive and require expensive medical attention long after an accident occurs. Then...Read More

10 Warnings Signs and Common Types of Elder Abuse In Nursing Homes

Elder abuse is classified as intentionally causing harm (physical or emotional) to an elderly person, purposeful exploitation, and intentional neglect by a caregiver. Elder abuse cases in the U.S. In the U.S. more than...Read More

Excessive Speeding may be the Cause of Deadly Accidents on the Road

What makes speeding so deadly? Over 95% of car accidents involve some degree of driver behavior combined with other factors. Speeding is a high risk behavior that can cause serious car accidents. Upon collision, the force...Read More

14-Year-Old Girl Seriously Injured in a Boating Accident

A recent boating accident at Hugo Point Park in Texas resulted in a Louisiana girl being Life-Flighted to the Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas. The fourteen year-old girl was on a boat with three other passengers...Read More

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