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Fighting for Louisiana Justice – The Brandner Law Firm Blog

Smartwatches Could Lead to More Distracted Drivers

Thinking about purchasing the new Apple Watch when it hits stores in June? Think again. According to the president and CEO of the National Safety Council, smartwatches have the potential to be just as distracting, if not more...Read More

Airbag Recall Causes Panic & Frustration

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it could take days or weeks to identify if your automobile is part of the largest-ever consumer recall in U.S. history. Brandner Law Firm continues to closely monitor...Read More

Can Self-Driving Trucks Reduce Accidents?

The answer to whether self-driving trucks can reduce accidents on our nation’s roadways is, perhaps. Recent technological developments and a new vehicle produced by Mercedes-Benz suggest that we may be approaching an era...Read More

GM Ignition Switch Deaths Reach 100

General Motors (GM) reported that 100 deaths have been attributed to defective ignition switches on a number of recalled vehicles, including the Saturn Ion and Chevrolet Cobalt. The number far exceeds the 13 victims that GM claimed...Read More

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month & Brain Injuries

Are you wondering what that sound is? It’s the roar of motorcycle season as May marks the kick-off of Motorcycle Safety Awareness month. Officials say the two primary factors involved when motorcyclists crash are “biker...Read More

Truck Accident Investigations and Aggressive Driving

It is critical that you act quickly in a trucking accident investigation to preserve evidence. Witness accounts are best obtained right away before the details of the accident begin to fade. These errors often result in truck...Read More

Trucking Groups Push Speed Limit Regulations

For the second time in nine years, the group has asked the Department of Transportation to establish a rule requiring electronic speed limiters on all large trucks to be set no higher than 65 miles per hour. For...Read More

Five Ways You Can Prevent Your Child From Getting Hit by a Car

Children are exceedingly vulnerable to pedestrian traffic accidents. In many instances, they play outside, in areas that may be close to passing cars. While the potential for harm always exists outside of circumstances you can...Read More

West Baton Rouge Jury Awards $2.5 Million to Family of Couple Killed at Poorly-Designed Intersection

A woman whose parents were killed in a tragic intersection accident nearly four years ago has gotten closure from a West Baton Rouge jury Wednesday after the panel awarded her $2.5 million for the accident. The couple were...Read More

Woman Killed in Bonnabel Blvd. Flipped Vehicle Accident

An accident that took place on the 1-10 service road and Bonnabel Boulevard resulted in the death of one women whose vehicle flipped for reasons that are yet unknown. The victim, her identity withheld until next-of-kin...Read More

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